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released September 14, 2015



all rights reserved


The Preachers Gothenburg, Sweden

THE PREACHERS began as a revolt in 1996 towards what the members used to do before. From a moaning and grumpy industrial metal/goth rock constellation from 1991 to an angry and uprising noise metal combo.

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Track Name: Kiss it
So you were a lonely girl?
Fine! Now you're an isolated adult
Make up for all those years
Nothing said, nothing done
Denounce your inhibitions, off you go
Come here, then

Kiss it
Kiss it raw

Hey, it's either black or white
Hey, stuck between wrong and right
Your hole has lost its purpose
and your soul is slipping out
All your sins and virtues washed away
Come here, then

As soon as you fold
we'll sink our teeth in
Carve off what we want
and ride the rest home
Track Name: Matey
I'm sick of hearing
I'm always hearing
"Thought you were different,
Thought you were special,
But you're like everyone else"

You can use me
I don't mind
Plain attention will suffice

And I'll hang on

It's always the same
Always been the same
"You're the greatest, you're so handsome
We'll forever be friends"
Yes, thank you, matey

Go ahead, put me off
I'm getting used to it
I'll fucking thrive
on being set aside
Track Name: Eat my fuck
It makes no sense to make amends
I don't know the offence
They'll fuck me up or fuck me over
Refuse to hear me say stop

They've got hatred - I don't know why,
but I can't break down and cry
Oh, I understand
I'm not their man, but I was closest at hand

Get in the back of the van, motherfucker,
get in the back of the van
Get in the back of the van, motherfucker,
let's see how much you can stand
So I said, eat my fuck, it's your face down
Your face down

Someone to blame, to take the heat
Someone who upholds their shame
What is my crime? What have I done?
Is this what they call fun?

I won't take this, but what's my choice?
They'll see me dead and rejoice
While I persist, while I endure
They'll take me off from their list

Worth dying for and maybe killing for
Cause opposites stay together forever

What can't kill you
makes you addictive and dumb
Somebody help me
Can only hope that I will

Never be untrue
Never be like you

Just calm down and tell me
who died and made you a king?
Hear me out or fuck you
Track Name: Worlds apart
I'm not saying that it stinks
I'm not telling you it sucks,
but life has turned to shit just now
and I've got to speak my mind

Should've told you how I felt
at an early stage
Should've told you how I felt
before it was too late

We're worlds apart, we're worlds apart
Fucked from the start, we're worlds apart

Don't want to rub it in your face
Don't want to bug you with my shame,
but I really fucked things up this time
and I've got to ease the pain

I wish I could forget
or let it slide
I wish I could forget
or run and hide

I want to spell it out,
get it out in the open
Please, bear with me
Let's talk this through

But I can see it in your eyes
You don't want to know
Who could ever believe
that I wrote this song
out of love?
Track Name: Unholy war
I know it's a cliché
that I will not live a lie
and speak the truth and then some,
reveal what we all deny

So why do I sing in English?
Why do I act this way?
Maybe it gets through stronger
whatever I have to say?

Waging, waging
War, unholy war

Tired of waiting,
but they tried to hush us down,
to quell us with drugs and booze
To some extent they still do

And something does still smell sour
I feel a bit confused
I thought the mind was power
Maybe I'm being used…
Track Name: Clean air system
We should go cleanse our collective mind
Check the waste, take heed from what we find

(Clean air system)
Give me a
(Clean air system)
Purify our souls
(Clean air system)
Give me a
(Clean air system)

Some sunny day
Some warm and sunny day
You'll drop your weights and fly away
You'll turn the world
Into a city dump
You've hurt too long from what we've done

No, no, please don't go
No, no, fuck don't go

We know that the end is drawing near
Hey bartender, please just one more beer?!
Track Name: Not today
It's not a hazy blur
My head won't hurt from yesterday
Don't stare at me like that
I don't know who I am

Was it something I said, but then,
I never said a word
The world is great, I love it,
but not today

Get out

Don't want you to see me like this,
but don't go, salvation exists
Save me from myself
Have me for yourself
Save me from myself
I'm scared I'll hurt myself

I never think in terms
of ropes and pills and razor blades,
but play "Amused to death" to me and
I'll break down

Don't know why I tell you this
It'll only make you mad
The world is great, I love it,
but not today
Track Name: All for me
I can't denounce my senses
These feelings of distress
I'm coming out relentless
to get it off my chest

Case of lethargic nausea
What brought me to this state?
Take me from this dim inertia
Yet to come, what is my fate?

No, no, nothing else to show for
No, no, I can't believe it's all for...

Stagnation's in my grasp now
It's more than I can stand
They got hold of me somehow
things lie not in my hand

Whole world within a promise
They claim they never lie
Who says the truth would surface
if I were to have a try?

No, no, nothing else to show for
No, no, I can't believe it's all for me
All for me

Got stuck into this cranny
to deal with folks of a dubious kind
I should have smelled the uncanny
essence of a twisted mind

I clench my teeth in anger
Hold up my knuckled fists
Wont cheer on violent bangers
or submit to slash my wrists


What if there's greed involved?
Wealth would evolve
Waiting for,
Yearning for,
Reaching for more

Convince me
Smother me
Tell me I'm free

Then what are you? Huh?!
What am I?
Except that we're through?!

Keep telling lies to stall you
but still remain sincere
Say nothing will befall you
anything to damp your fear

But I'd rather stick to torture
stay with this erratic pain
Though take extreme precautions
'til this trial comes again

No, no,I'll fuck you up to lure me
No, no, there's none for you,
but all for me
All for me
Track Name: Cast a shadow
Landlords and residents
Fawners and dissidents
Up ‘til this day
I followed the way
But noticed my own needs to stray

I don’t care what Simon says
You think it’s childs play, maybe less
The authorities manipulate
Stuff you ears or assimilate

Go, just go
It’s better to make a difference,
Just go

If you’re lost in the dark, cast a shadow
Blind in a trail of sparks, cast a shadow
You’re not supposed to obey, just hear what I say
Should be helping you free, well it happened to me

Cherish or desecrate
Worship or execrate
Obstinacy hurts, so be alert
Truth’s not a thing to desert

Take a stand for what you want
Disregard their pester and taunt
We could be knowingly conjoint
Otherwise you missed my point
Track Name: Art thou lucrative?
I am sentenced to life
So I’ll live forever
I’m forced to create my own universe

You’ve had your share
Now I’m taking over
You’ve run this show for too long,
but ‘til now I didn’t care

So, this is a showdown
Notice my curtain call
So, this is your town
Watch it slip and fall

How hard can it be?
To deputize a chimera?
Shall I maintain their christian faith
and rule the world?

Sanctimonious me, deified for pleasure
Mankind has doomed itself,
so I’ll do it anyway